Visitors versus followers

Visitors are an advertiser's dream. If advertisers can get people to just show up, they can subtly influence their behavior in all sorts of ways. This, in a nutshell, is modern news publishing. This is also how its evil twin, clickbait publishing, works.

We know this generates revenue for the big players, but for passion driven content authors, visitor clicks are largely irrelevant.

Let's talk about Jessica. (totally fictitious character)

Jessica went through a crisis. It was hard. But Jessica searched for answers. Jessica found the answers, and now she is an expert. Now she wants to help everyone avoid the pain she went through.

So Jessica starts a blog. This is easy, she thinks. She sets up a really neat site, and now she is a blogger. Her Mom reads a few pages, her sister does too, but no one knows about her.

So Jessica learns how to spend money, drive traffic, and sell ads. But she is trading big money for small money. And none of her new visitors are staying around to listen to what she is saying.

Her visitors are simply transients, and not joining her tribe.

Jessica knows she has answers people need, but she also knows there is a discord between what she wanted to do and what she finds herself doing.

Simply, the louder she plays her music, the less people want to stay and listen.

Like "Jessica," many content producers are sucked in by techniques that generate clicks, but don't engender trust and relationships.

Let me ask you a simple question. If you were to stop producing content, would anyone miss you?

If you can say yes, you are likely moving in a healthy direction. As every Mom can attest, being needed isn't a business model, but having a tribe is a place to start.

If your business is leaving you feeling overwhelmed as it grows, and you are struggling to keep up with the demands of family, friends, business, and tribe, let us help you.

One of the biggest time sucks for many passion-based bloggers is social media. We can help with that. Check out our social media content services to find the plan that fits you.

-Luke Townsley

Less hype more substance

The web is changing

Even while web users are becoming more sophisticated, many publishers are dumbing down their content and headlines, hyping poor products, adding more ads, making browsing more difficult, and generally doing everything under the sun to try to get people to "convert" better except for bringing real value.

It's a bit like what a major discount store did a few years ago with many of their stores when they reconfigured them to make shopping more difficult and started playing with prices to trick people into spending more money. Some shoppers did indeed spend more. Savvy shoppers just left.

Adding value

We believe content publishing should be about adding value, not extracting it. And at Unuqus we seek to work with content publishers who are working to serve people and build lives over the long haul.

And so in a world where the web is becoming increasingly manipulative, dumbed down, and mechanized, we are going the other way and working to help bring real value to good people.

And so we believe the real value we bring isn't just in terms of dollars and cents, but in inspiring people and changing lives.

Real changes in real people

Perhaps a Mom in Missoula will read an article and make a dietary change that affects one of her children for the rest of their life.

Perhaps a teen in Texarkana will get a renewed vision for what her life can become.

Perhaps a Grandpa in Griffin will enjoy a restored relationship with his family.

Yes, we know these types of goals are very different than the typical goals you hear at blog conferences and in marketing circles.

But they are a lot more fun.